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PostSubject: APPLICATION FORM OF APPLYING OUR STAFF    Tue Jun 17, 2014 7:39 pm

APPLYING FOR STAFF : EM , GA'S , FM Staff Application Rules & Format Discussion in 'Staff Gender:Male or female Ratings:+205 Staff Applications MUST follow the format below. If the application does not follow the guidelines and format set below, it will automatically be declined. Staff Qualifications - you MUST meet ALL of these guidelines in order to qualify for a staff position with CCGAMERS.
1. 16+ Years Old - You must be at least 16 years of age. Your maturity and professionalism levels have to be high. You cannot expect to make a good staff member while acting like a child.
2. Constant Access - You must have constant access to the Forum, Site, and CCGamers. You also must have constant access to a high speed internet.
3. 3+ Daily Activity Hours - You must be active at least 3 hours every day IN THE GAME. You must dedicate a lot of time to helping and improving Elite Gamers. You must also get to know the players and help them around the game.
4. Know the Rules - You must have read the Cabal Rules and the Forum Rules.
5. Know CCGAMERS- You must be familiar with the Cabal game and it's in-game features, drops, and all the CCG information.
6. Contact Information - You must have an E-Mail and a Skype account.(With Microphone) That is how the staff members communicate with each other most frequently.
7. Fluent English - You must speak ENGLISH fluently. You must be able to write well and understand English Well.
8. Have atleast 20 post counts on the forum
9. Always stay up to date with the latest updates,news & info - Everyone will start out as a TEM,TGA,TEM (Trial EVENT MASTER). Overtime you will have opportunities to host events, and the more time you spend helping the server, the more your reputation will grow. Depending on how well you do your job and the tasks the Administrators assign to you, will determine how fast you will start moving up the ranks to eventually become a EM etc.. You will work your way up to a promotion by being active, helping players in game and getting positive feedback from the players. You must also remember to report all the good AND bad things that you encounter to the Administrators. You will build trust between you and the owners and eventually maybe even become an administrator yourself. All it takes is time, loyalty, hard work, and dedication. Remember, as a staff member, the best thing you can do is BRING MORE PLAYERS and help the server hold it's own by donating to our causes. Trial Period TEM's are on a Trial Period where anything can Happen While being in a Trial Period Owners and Admins are allowed to kick you out without any warnings The Trial Period is for the TrialEM to Prove himself worthy of the task, in this period The Staff will evaluate whether the TrialEM can carry out the Task as a EM or not The Trial Period Lasts 14~30 Days Depending on Performance
1. Name - (Last, First)
2. Age and Birth Date - (Age, Month/Day/Year)
3. Country you live in -
4. Timezone you live in -
5. Languages you speak FLUENTLY -
6. E-Mail -
7. What is your previous experience in Cabal? What is your previous experience in being on staff for a Cabal Team or any other staff experience? What were your jobs in other servers? What were you in charge of?
8. How are you going to help CCGamers grow and get better? What will you bring to the team? Please provide an explanation and a plan on how you will achieve those things.
9.How would you describe Cyber Cabal Gamers, it's community, and the staff team? Make sure you get to know us before you write about this.
10. What do you know about our server?
11. Why should we Hire you?
12. Why Cyber Cabal Gamers?.
13. Main character in-game name - All of the applications will be reviewed by all of the staff members of Cyber Cabal Gamers. Sometimes we need more time to think, but keep in mind that we didn't forget about you and you will receive an Approval or a Denial on your application. NOTE: The staff members are the only people who is allowed to Comment on the applicants applications if we see any other normal Community member posting on the applications we reserve all rights to give them a warning and in worse case a temp forum ban.

OWNER : Macro Ruiz Mariano
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