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 In-Game Rules

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PostSubject: In-Game Rules   In-Game Rules I_icon_minitimeFri Jun 06, 2014 12:55 pm

1) Hacks, exploits , bugs exploits!

Any kind of hack is illegal and bannable.
Any kind of exploit is illegal and bannable.
Any kind of bug exploit is illegal and bannable.

2) Impersonating a Staff Member!

Every Staff has a [TAG] in his name. Impersonating a Cabal Staff or using lGMl lEMl lFMl lGAl Tag will be Banned Permanent

3) Buying items with real money!

It is not allowed to trade items, characters, accounts or anything in-game for real money and anyone found doing this will be banned immediately.

4) Trading items!

It is not allowed to trade items, characters, accounts or anything in-game from one Server to another and anyone found doing this will be banned immediately.

5) Accounts!

The only and real owner of any CyberCabal account is the owner of the email registered when the CyberCabal account was made in our Database.
If a player account was hacked, keylogged, scammed, etc, the only possible action to recover it is to use our Forgot Password Recovery System.
Your account = your responsability.
You can share your account with your brother, mom, friend, etc.
Also, if someone having an account is quiting, he can give his account to a friend ( to the new owner apply the same rules ).
Staff members are not allowed to share STAFF account to anyone at all, results with being removed from our team and banned.
Selling accounts is against the rules.
Trading accounts is against the rules.

6) Scamming!

CyberCabal is not responsabile for any scamming.Your account, your responsability.
Staff will never ask for account details.
However we will ban the scammer if the details and proofs are enough, but we do not return the items.
Also -> If you bought a wrong item, we are not responsible for it. So, we are not going to refund it (careful when you buy something).

7) Inappropriate language!

Insults and offensive words are not allowed on global chat or during events.
This also include nicknames of characters, guilds.
Note: You can use offensive language on Private Messages, Normal chat, Party chat, Mail, but abusing this privilege is prohibited.

Cool Advertising!

Advertisement in any kind of way about other servers, scamming sites, keylogging sites, etc, is illegal and bannable.

9) Giving free items!

You can give items to your guild mates or friends, but not in the way that is against Rule 3: Buying items with real money! ( basically, you can't give items for real money ). We recommend not to lend items to your friends.

10) Staff PK at Events !

Players aren't allowed to PK a Staff Member, and this may result in an account ban.
Staff Members aren't allowed to PK normal players, and this may result in suspension or permanent removal of a Staff Member.

11) Third party software, Inappropriate language ban periods!

Using any third party software will lead to a permanent ban !
Inappropriate language : First time : 7 day ban, Second time : 14 day ban, Third time : 30 day ban !

12) Respect our Staff!

Learn how to Respect our Cabal Staff... saying any foul words or offensive words will be banned

1st Offence: 3 day's
2nd Offence: 1 month
3rd Offence: Banned Permanent

We reserve the right to choose freely who can and can't participate in our community, and based on this right we inform you we will be restricting the in-game access of persons we don't want here or the persons we deem harmful to the community as a whole (ex. persons that start riots against the staff team).

We encourage members to visit this thread every few days to be aware of all changes that may occur in the future.
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In-Game Rules
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