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 In-Forum Rules

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PostSubject: In-Forum Rules   In-Forum Rules I_icon_minitimeFri Jun 06, 2014 12:56 pm

1. Posting
Please always use 'Thread Prefix' provided when you create a post, select one from the drop down menu so that other people will find it easy to categorize your post.
Do not post contents that are already posted by other member, please use 'Forum Search' function before you make a post.
Do not post spams such as 'Thanks so much!' or 'Great!', use the 'Like Button' would be preferred if you want to thank someone.
Make sure you post in the right section, otherwise your post will get moved/deleted without warning.

2. Chat Box
Do not beg/request things or make suggestions in the 'Chat Box', it was made to socialize/ask for quick-help and talk/chat in generals only.
You should only speak English in 'Chat Box'.

3. Suggesting/Reporting Forum Bugs
When you're suggesting something/reporting a bug, make sure your suggestion / bug hasn't been posted before.
When suggesting/reporting a bug, make sure your suggestions/reports are short and aim directly at the point of the subject, too long non-sense/low information posts will mostly get ignored and/or deleted.

4. Spamming
No spam, double-post, multi section spam, or any other flood/spam is allowed.
5. Advertising
Advertising of videos/songs and so on is allowed in the 'Chat Box' and/or on the proper sections as long as it is not done to benefit anyone, other than that it will be deleted right away.
6. Multi-Accounts On Forum
Please make only one forum account; nothing less, nothing more. And if you have created multiple accounts on the forum, either only use one of them and leave the other, or contact our Administrator to delete it.
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In-Forum Rules
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